Services offered

Independent advice/consultancy for bio-control in water cooling systems.

IMCHLO helps you select the best bio-control approach for your open recirculating cooling system and specific operation/situation considering a 360° approach.

Independent and  thorough  evaluation of:


  • chlorine-dioxide
  • Monochloramine
  • Stabilized bleach
  • On-site electro chlorination  (ECA : Electro Chlorinated Active water)
  • Non-chemical approaches


Independent advice/consultancy

for bio-control in industrial water processes.

IMCHLO determines the best bio approach for your system and situation based on a 360° analyses of your system, needs and targets.


Independent and  thorough  evaluation of bio control best practices for:

  • Pulp and Paper production
  • Vegetables cleaning & processing
  • Pasteurizer operations
  • Bottle washing operations

Taking into account the future environmental needs/restrictions. (eg Chlorate/chlorites)


Determining the cost of biofilm for your system.

IMCHLO has a unique approach to determine and document site specific cost of bio-film in open cooling systems.



(ENergy-WAter NEXus)

is a combination of an in depth system audit, on-site measuring campaign and a customized exchanger pinch calculation. Throug this approach the extra energy cost can be calculated as exact as possible.

This data will help  you to evaluate improvement options and the gains expected.

Based on this  the best business decisions can be taken.


Our total service package:


  • Independent audits on chlorine biocontrol options such as bleach, stabilised bleach, chlorine-dioxide, monochloramine,electrochlorination (ECA water).
  • Quantification of “cost of biofilm” in cooling operations.
  • Independent, professional technical consultancy for water and energy optimization projects at process-, cooling-, boiler-, and waste water installations.
  • Advice, guidance and follow-up of technical purchasing projects for industrialwater treatment.
  • Customized technical industrial water training to your needs.