What our logo represents

When Chlorine was first synthetized and isolated, by Carl Wilhelm Scheele in 1774, a new chemical was discovered – A pale yellow-green colored gas, which we now call Chlorine.

It was named after the Greek word "Kloros" meaning Green.


The dominating green color in our logo refers to this, while at the same time it refers to the many opportunities to make the use of chlorine more sustainable and thus greener.   
The two "coupled spheres" symbolize a chlorine gas molecule (Cl2) and are an artistic impression made by Russell Kightley



The chlorine molecules splashing in the water circle refer to the 150 years of chlorine use as historical disinfectant, in both domestic-, and   industrial uses, but also refers to the potentials of chlorine to help build a circular, more sustainable future industrial water economy. 

Our name IMCHLO refers to our services bringing  essential expertise for IMproving CHLOrine biocontrol performance.  

We are convinced that, with the right application knowledge, chlorine will continue to be a performant, safe, economic and environmentally acceptable  element in the future arsenal  for industrial water  biocontrol.