Independant services for improving chlorine performace used as water bio control program in industrial operations (cooling, process, food&beverage,...).

IMCHLO combines 35 years of practical industrial water treatment experience with in depth knowledge of chlorine/halogen chemistry and how to unleach the "power of chlorine" to its full potential with a maximum respect for the environment .

We help you quantify the cost of improper biocontrol, such as energy in-efficiency and health risk due to biofilm,  and make the most suited choise amongst available chlorine technologies   for your operation. Our expertise comprises knowledge of the various chlorine biocidal approaches such as: chlorine-dioxide, monochloramine, electro-chlorination, solid Cal-hypo and stabelised bleach....

By analyzing and understanding your specifc situation, needs and requirements and combining this  wth our  independant industrial  water/chlorine expertise  you can make the best business decision, taking all  aspects in consideration.  

About IMCHLO and
our sustainability mission.

IMCHLO's mission is to IMprove CHLOrine  performance in all aspects of its use as disinfection program in industrial applications and help the users to become more sustainable .
This according to the definition of sustainable chemistry of OECD

"Sustainable chemistry is a scientific concept that seeks to improve the efficiency with which natural resources are used to meet human needs for chemical products and services. Sustainable chemistry encompasses the design, manufacture and use of efficient, effective, safe and more environmentally benign chemical products and processes."


Chlorine has been used for more than 100 years as industrial bio control agent and is probably the best known biocide with most (technical, environmental, toxicological,...)data available. 

In this life span it has contributed significantly to human health improvement and industrial development. 


Today it still is  the single most important element contributing in maintaining general human health and  securing sustainable, safe and economic  operation of industrial water systems.   

As most  chemistries it has its challenges and points to consider. Despite these  it still is in many cases the best alternative on hand for bio-control in industrial systems and will probabely continue to be so for the next decade(s).

IMCHLO evaluates all the  aspects of chlorine use for your specific situation and helps your operations to become more sustainable in a tangible way. Aspects considered include:


understanding the complete picture of your cooling system,situation and needs  is essential for optimum performance and use the power of chlorine to its maximum.

minimize formation of Disinfection By Products(DBP) such as AOX by using chlorine  application 
knowledge build over many years of practical expertise.

Effectiveness wise:
improve active chlorine life time, assure distribution in complex systems, minimize losses (eg over cooling towers), focus on sessile control  (bio-film) resulting in  improve heat transfer, reduce energy consumption, and minimized CO2 emission.

minimize use of chlorine while keeping bio control performance at its maximum and minimizing health risks, at a minimum Total Cost of Operation (asset protection, chemistry cost, energy efficiency,..).


What our logo represents

When chlorine  was first synthetized and isolated, in 1774 by Carl Wilhelm Scheele, a yellowish pale green heavy gas was observed.
It was named "Chlorine" after the Greek word for "pale green" KLOROS. 

The pale green colour in the logo refers to this name giving.

At the same time it symbolises the abundant opportunities to make the use of chlorine chemistry in industrial applications significantly green(er)when doing the right things.

The picture in the logo is an artistic impression of chlorine molecules (Cl2 ) which consist of two chlorine atoms.

Meet the artits Russell Kightley

The chlorine molecules splashing in the water symbolises the historical importance of  chlorine as sanitising aid for human and industrial water use. 

At the same time the water circle  makes a bridge to the future as chlorine will continue to be an important element in making water fit for circular use and sustainable industrial development. 

IMCHLO is the acronym for IMproving CHLOrine referring to the expertise that is offered. This expertise helps to asure that chlore is used under the most optimum circumstances.

The result is a sustaiable, secure application of chlorine assuring a controlled, safe, environmentally optimised/accetable use of the  element in the future decades.


Services offered

Independant advice/consultancy for bio-control in water cooling systems.

We help you select the best bio-control approach for your open recirculating cooling system and specific operation/sitution considereing a 360° approach.

independant and  thourough  evaluation of:

*Chlorine dioxide

* Monochloramine

* Stabelized bleach


* none chemical approaches



Independant advice/consultancy

for bio-control in industrial water processes.

We consider the best (chlorine based) bio approach for your system and sitution. 

Independant and  thourough  evaluation of bio control best practices for:

*Pulp and Paper production 

* vegetables cleaning&processing

* pasteurizer operations

*Bottle washing operations

Taking into account the chlorate minimization needs.


Determining the cost of biofilm for your system.

IMCLO has a unique approach to determine and document site specific cost of bio-film. Through a combination of an in -deth system audit,on-site measuring campaign and a customized exchanger pinch calculation, the extra energy cost can be calculated as exact as possible.

This data will help  you to evaluate improvement options and the gains expected. Based on this  well funded business decions can be taken.


About me

Liévin De Vriese

Proud Father of two daughters, grandfather of three grand-doughters.

Seasoned and experienced Industrial water professional.

35 years of practical industrial water experience in  all industries (paper, petro-chemical, chemical, manufacturing, food&beverage,...).

Passionate about water use in industrial environments and contribute to help solve the water challenges we face.
What drives me is putting my experience to work for industrial water users and  help solve  water stress due to climate change and growing population. Contributing  to making industrial water use circular, safer and more sustainable thus  help assuring a prosperous  future for next generations.

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