Who's behind IMCHLO

Liévin De Vriese

Proud father of two daughters, grandfather of three grand-daughters.
Certified Gent city guide, dog trainer and passionate motorcycler.

What drives me is "understanding and helping others to understand".

Seasoned and experienced Industrial water professional with an extensive technical and marketing knowledge of the industrial water treatment market. 

35 years of practical industrial water experience in  all industries (paper, petro-chemical, chemical, manufacturing, food&beverage,...).

Passionate about water use in industrial environments and contribute to help solve the water challenges we face.

By putting my experience at the service of  industrial water users and  help solve  water stress due to climate change and growing population, I want to make a personal contribution  to making industrial water use more circular, safer and  sustainable,  thus  help assuring a prosperous  future for next generations.