In my 34 years as professional water treatment consultant I have seen the water service business,

like many other businesses, change significantly.

Where in the past many end-users  had "in-house expertise and knowledge"  this has evolved to an approach where the whole package of "knowledge/technology and service" is outsourced to competent, specialized "total water treatment service  companies".

Although this approach offers many opportunities it also has some challenges /possible concerns.

Especially  when selecting or promoting technologies or programs to apply.

Like in any commercial business environment there are strategical, economical and profitability

considerations that influence the final outcome and/or advices given. 

This can, in some cases, lead to a "technology blind spot" for the end users resulting in

undiscovered/ not explored  optimization possibilities. 



The services of IMCHLO aim at bringing a "positive catalyzer effect" between end-users and their preferred water service provider.


By doing so we help assure that the end-user is 360° informed on technologies available while at the same time use the full capabilities of the service providers.

The targeted result is an improved and  optimized water treatment approach, where all parties benefit from, fully aligned with the 

 end users business profile and future sustainability requirements.