About IMCHLO and our sustainability mission.


The mission of IMCHLO is :  

use my experience, for making a difference  and significant contribution, in helping industrial

water users operate in a  more sustainable way while at the same time improve their cost position.


We achieve this by focusing  on  improving chlorine performance in all aspects of its use as industrial disinfectants and help to make it a more sustainable chemistry according to the definition of sustainable chemistry of OECD .

We work according a structered, step-wise plan which considers a 360° approach of the opportunity.

This includes consideration of:


1) Business / Technical sustainability: 

We invest  to understand your individual bio-control and technical water needs  and how they link to your business- needs and profile.  – The complete picture of both these business needs and technical bio-control aspects from your water system is essential for the success of your business. We analyze and identify the  opportunities to improve the bio-control reach optimal performance and recommend process specific alternative possibilities to your company if relevant. 


2) Environmental/ Safety sustainability: 

We help to minimize the formation of undesired Disinfection By Products (DBP), such as AOX, by using our 35 years application knowledge  for your Chlorine program . Water borne pathogen risks such as Legionella are minimized by  improved bio-film control. – After many years of practical expertise and knowledgeable industry interaction, we have perfected our approach to ensure environmentally safe procedures at all times.


3) Energy efficiency / CO2 reduction: 

By improving the "active life time" of chlorine in the water systems and boosting the bio-film control effectiveness,  exchanger heat transfer is maximized and safeguarded. This results in an optimized energy efficiency and minimized carbon emissions at all times.  We measure the results and compare these with the base-line.



4) Economical sustainability:                                                                                                                    

We strive to document and agree pro-actively on possible reductions of your total operating costs in a significant way at a minimum/optimized investment.

Cost elements in our circle of control and influence include; asset protection, health and environmental risks/aspects, Carbon emission/reduction, AOX reduction, energy consumption, chemical dosage and costs.